Maily: A Safe Email Service Designed for Kids

Maily is a safe way  to give your kids their first email account. It’s an iPad app where you can create accounts for them and decide who your children can communicate with. You also get to monitor the exchange of email from your own email account by choosing to receive a copy of every mail, sent or received, and choose to approve or reject it before it’s sent or read by your child. You can also supervise your kids’ email activity on your personalized dashboard, accessible on your regular browser.

Aside from being safe , Maily is also designed to be appealing to kids. They get to create emails using five tools adapted to their needs: pencils, brushes, photos, backgrounds, stamps and their own words.

Maily for iPad is Free on the iTunes Store.

Watch the video to see it in action and visit the Maily website to learn more.



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