Zup: Inter-Social Network Communication Tool

Social networking’s goal is to easily keep in touch with your friends online, but with so many out there, each with a certain charisma to lure users into using their service, it often results to scattered online friends on different social networks. There are people who are hard core Facebook users and there are MySpace fanatics but it doesn’t mean that they can’t still be friends and have a little chat with each other.

Zup is a social networking messaging tool that makes it easy to stay in touch with friends on different social networks. This will somewhat unify the social networking scene by just adding the tool. You can stay loyal to your social networking service while keeping in touch with your other online buddies on another social network. This is a great tool to have around for your social networking account just in case you run into somebody using a different one.

If you are a member of different social networks, Zup also links all your social network accounts together so you can see all your messages on any social network. Users can access their Zup messages and friends from any social network by logging in with their Zup Key.

The service currently works on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Hi5. More Social Networks are being added all the time so if your favorite social network isn’t here, don’t worry it soon will be.

4 Comments on “Zup: Inter-Social Network Communication Tool

  1. Sounds good, but I might wait for new rev’s to see what other networks they add. The MySpace/Facebook thing has been losing popularity slowly. And with so many other “niche” social networks popping up, it would be nice to see it made for a user to just enter the parameters of the desired network.

  2. Good point Guy. I mainly only use Facebook and none of my friends use Myspace so there’s actually no point for me in adding the tool to my Facebook. It can be a useful tool if they decide to make it open other social networking platforms, especially niche’d social sites. This particular tool mainly targets people with multiple social networking accounts.

  3. pity the API’s are all different, ‘twould be awesome if instead of adding specific networks, there was just an inter-network communication protocol, kinda like SMTP for email, so like AOL users could email to real internet users. Wait did I just say inter-net? Woo wouldn’t it be cool if we could all just talk to eachother. Mark my words, that is what you’ll see eventually. All this interoperable gadgets stuff is only the beginning.

  4. Colleen: Social networks releasing their API’s to the public will really help developers produce better apps that works with different API’s. I think Facebook already did this and so did several social networking sites. That’s a start anyway. I agree with you that we will be seeing more interconnection among web services. If a social networking site grew to it’s maximum potential, the only thing that they can do is to connect it with another one to become bigger. Some startups like MyMinilife is already doing this. That’s what I thought anyway. It’s like a bank consuming other banks to gain more clients and become more profitable.

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