Zimblee: Easy Banner Ads Creator

zimbleeZimblee is a web based ad creator that allows you to produce your own banner ads in just a few easy steps. Well, the creation itself is pretty easy enough to accomplish, but you still have to work on your images for the banners. What Zimblee does is help you put your banner together, especially if you are planning on making a slideshow ad.

With Zimblee, you can create different Ad sizes for different purposes. You can create ads for promoting social networking pages, business, website, blog or a certain cause. All popular ad sizes are supported and you can select up to five slides per ad. This means that you can place up to five 5 rotating or flashing images for your banner ad.

There are clipart images that you can use or you can upload your own image which is actually a lot better than choosing from a pre-made template. You can arrange your images on the banner and make them appear on different slides if you wish to. This will give your banner the slide show effect. The app also allows you to add your logo and text to your ad. The final step would be to place your website URL.

The service is not entirely free. You can create as many ads as you wish, but when you decide to publish, you’ll have to pay 5 dollars for the ad which is a lot cheaper than hiring somebody to do it for you. The key here is to familiarize yourself with the app and invest some time until you finally come up with the right banner ad that’ll work for you.

View the demo.


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