YouTubeReloaded: Embedabble YouTube Playlist Generator

youtubereloadedYouTubeReloaded is a tool that you can use to produce an embeddable playlist for YouTube. This tool is will come in very handy when there is a need for you to publish YouTube videos and don’t want to clutter your page with several players.

There are several options available for you in YouTube Reloaded. There are three playlist types for you to choose from. Just select the playlist type that will match your need. The Search Based playlist allows you to place a search term and a search type that you want. You can choose from the regular search, user’s favorites, related videos and user’s uploads.

The predefined feeds playlist type creates a playlist for Top Rated, Top favorites, Most Viewed, Most Popular, Most Recent and Recently Featured videos. You can further filter the playlist results by placing the time frame.
The custom playlist is probably the best feature of YouTubeReloaded. Simply enter the YouTube URLs or the video IDs on the text box and immediately create a customized YouTube playlist from different uploaders, popular or not, rated or unrated, etc.

Check out the sample playlist below. (created using the search based playlist type)

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*I found a similar service called It’s also a YouTube playlist generator but YouTubeReloaded packs more features which makes it the better app. Anyway, the choice is still yours to make.

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