YourFonts: Convert Your Handwriting into Fonts

yourfonts-logoWant to make your own font? There are several sites that offer this kind of service but YourFonts makes it more personal for you by creating fonts out of your own handwriting. This is a cool service for those with handwriting that makes one proud. As for me, I’ll have to stick with the Arial font.

Now, to use the free service, you’ll need a printer and a scanner. If you don’t have a scanner, you might want to try using your digital camera as a scanner and use the free trial software from Snapter (Use Digital Camera as a Scanner). If you have both, then there’s no problem. Just download the Template PDF document, print it, and write on it. After you’re finished placing your sample handwriting, you’ll need to scan the printed documents, upload it to YourFonts, preview your font and download.

You can also include your signature and you are allowed to make as many fonts as you like. The fonts that you created can be used on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Not everybody is blessed with great calligraphy skills. If you have a rocking handwriting skill and is in the mood for creating a custom font, YourFont might just be the tool for you. Have fun.


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  1. Once again, you have found a most unusual find. You have quite the talent in this area and I am so glad You are also willing to share freely. Thanks.


  2. @Alem: If you are referring to YourFont, It doesn’t matter what operating system you are using. That’s the beauty of a web app. Just send them the scanned handwriting and it will do the rest, even if you are using a MAC. As for converting your digicam photos to scanned pics, I’m afraid that’s just for Windows only.

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