YouRepeat: Loop a YouTube Video

YouRepeat is a web tool that you can use to repeat a YouTube video. Now, why would you need a loop tool for YouTube? Beats me, but if you do, this is the tool to use.

You can use the tool in three ways. There’s the search bar on their website that you can use to search for YouTube videos to auto-repeat. Then, there’s easier way. If you happen to be watching a video on YouTube, and really liked it enough that you want to set it on auto-loop/auto-repeat, simply replace the “Tube” on YouTube with the world “repeat.” It will turn the YouTube video URL into a YouRepeat URL which is linked to the video that you are watching. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the looping video. If you don’t like the tedious job of altering video URL’s, you can use the YouRepeat bookmarklet. Like any bookmarklets, simply drag it on your bookmarks toolbar and whenever you feel that you should loop a video, just press the bookmarklet and loop away.

YouRepeat is a simple tool but it could prove to be useful to anyone who enjoys listening to music or watching music videos on YouTube. Instead of pressing the play button over and over again, you can simply press a repeat bookmarklet and watch/listen to your favorite video to your heart’s content.

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