WizHelp: Online Remote Screen Sharing Tool

WizHelp is a free to use service where you can create help center so that you can help friends or get them to help you with your computer. It supports all OS (other Linux Distros are coming soon) so compatibility is not a big deal.

Registration is needed to use the service. It is required for your security and to input an Identifier which you will use whenever you are going to access someone’s computer remotely. You can choose to take control of the computer or be the one to request or give control. There is also a view screen and share screen only option if you just want to show something to the other user. The chat feature which is common to applications like this is also available.

The service works even if you are behind a proxy so there should be no problem with that. You need to have the latest Java installed in your machine to make it work really fast. When it comes to security, you always have to explicitly agree to let someone take control of your computer. The service only works when you are on WizHelp. After logging out, nobody will be able to take control of your computer. Just don’t give someone you do not trust control over your computer and you should be fine.

Tools like these make it easier for people to fix simple computer problems/issues without going to the service repair shop. It can also be used to do tutorials remotely.

2 Comments on “WizHelp: Online Remote Screen Sharing Tool

  1. I just use Techinline Remote Desktop (http:/www.techinline.com) It allows you to not only share your desktop, but take control of someone else’s. It’s probably one of the easiest and straightforward remote access tools out there

  2. Thanks for sharing Anthony. I checked it out it and didn’t find the price tag of 20 dollars per 5 session too appealing. Although, the $30 price for the app seems to be fair.

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