WhosTalkin: Find Out Whos Talking About Who and Where

whostalkin-logoWhosTalkin is a social media search engine/tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that you most care about. You can search for any topic or person. It can be you or your company brand or a favorite celebrity or even your blog. Whostalkin.com can help you join in on the conversations that you care about most.

Our search and sorting algorithms combine data taken from over 60 of the internet’s most popular social media gateways. We take this data and display it to you through our carefully designed interface that harnesses the power of AJAX to give you a seamlessly well organized user experience.

With social media sites popping out everywhere, it’s getting harder and harder to browse around those sites just to get a scoop of what you are into. WhosTalkin is a great tool for getting updated on a particular topic posted on Social Medias without actually going through each site and doing a search. It’s also a great way to find out who’s talking about your site or blog. You can get updated through RSS. You can also save the search result in the form of

Further development of WhosTalkin includes being able to be updated on a particular search word through RSS, being able to save the search result and other tools such as WordPress plugin, Firefox Toolbar and iGoogle Gadget.


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