WetPaint: Create Your Own Wiki Site in 3 Easy Steps

WetPaint is a service which lets you create your very own wiki site for any topic of your choice. The creation process will not take much of your time. It only takes a couple of minutes in three easy steps to generate your own wiki site. It’ll take you two steps if you choose to invite users to your wiki site some other time and head right on to learning and editing your created wiki.

If you don’t mind the ads that are injected in your created wiki, then you might find WetPaint a useful tool for creating wiki sites. They have available templates and different themes for you to choose from. You can also use your own domain name for your created WetPaint wiki.

Setting the created wiki site to be open to anyone will let anonymous users/visitors to edit and add content to your wiki pages while setting it to invite only mode will give you a more secure wiki site. There are also easy-to-use management features available in WetPaint. You can assign moderators which makes it easier to keep track of the flow of content in your wiki site.

The service also offers a hosted format and a WetPaint inject feature for a fee.

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  1. Hi Alfred, thanks for the kind remarks. I just featured this tool for people who wants to create a Wiki site. It’s really a social media which can be of great use to super niched fanboys. 😉

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