Vysr: RoamAbout Offers a Better Browsing Experience

Ever since tabbed browsing became a common feature for browsers, accessing information became a lot easier especially for heavy internet users like researchers, bloggers and information geeks. The problem today is that there are so many web services out there that you’ll often end up opening and closing a tab just to fit them all to your browser.

Vysr came up with a solution in the form of an application called RoamAbout. RoamAbout is a useful, non-intrusive browser extension which will allow you to access information in just a couple of clicks without leaving the page you are currently browsing. The application is equipped with webapps that you can access instantly through RoamAbout. A small overlay window will appear on the page you’re in once you clicked on a web app.

How to Use:

The application comes in two packs: the business pack and the social pack. You can download any of them for it makes little difference which one you choose. Once downloaded, you can customize either pack to fit your browsing need by clicking the green “+” button.

After installing the application (works with Firefox and IE) a small blue “R” button will neatly appear on the bottom right of your browser. You can toggle that button to show/hide RoamAbout.

When browsing, highlight a text from the page you are currently in and click a service (e.g. Wikipedia) from RoamAbout. A popup window will appear containing related information about the highlighted text. If you clicked YouTube, related videos about the highlighted text will appear on the popup window. It also lets you view the video from within the RoamAbout popup window.

I also find the map, weather and stocks feature very useful. Just the same, highlight a text (e.g. Address) and once you click MapQuest, the popup window will display the map of the highlighted address. A weather report will be given for a highlighted zip code or city and you can immediately access stock reports for a highlighted company name.

You do not need a highlighted text every time you want to use RoamAbout. You can do your own searches from within the popup window. Other features include Twitter Access, Roam About Games, Related News, FaceBook ang Gmail sharing and Related Photos from Flickr.

When I tested the application, I found some loading delays and thought that it could use a bookmarking service. I emailed the Vysr team and I got a reply from Guda (CEO of Vysr) through Bernadette of Vyser. Check it out below.

We will continue to deploy apps on a regular basis and will be releasing a
platform api and development kit for third parties to develop their own
apps. We also fixed the problem that was causing the sluggishness some
people noticed.

We have a number of exciting features in store. At the moment, however, we
are collecting feedback and suggestions from users on what is most important
and desired and will be prioritizing based on such feedback. We welcome any
and all feedback.

We are definitely looking at a bookmarking service in addition to a number
of other web services based on user feedback and evaluating potential web
services for this purpose. Our preference, of course, is to work with
existing third-party apps when available.

The application is very useful and can save a lot of time going from one service to another to access information. It is non intrusive and neatly placed on the bottom of the browser. What I like about the popup window feature is that it does not follow you around on other tabs. Once an overlay window appears on a page, it stays there (like I said, it’s non-intrusive). This will let you freely browse other sites without a small window following you around on other tabs.

2 Comments on “Vysr: RoamAbout Offers a Better Browsing Experience

  1. We are moving all the different apps from the desktop to the browser.
    Might be an overload of some piece of software basically designed for displaying hypertext pages.


  2. A lot of developers nowadays are more focused on developing webapps rather than desktop software. They only have to worry on initially making it work on one browser (Firefox) which works on any OS. They can reach a lot of users by doing this instead of building a desktop software for a specific operating system.

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