ViewLike.US: Look at Websites in Different Resolutions

viewlikeusViewLike.Us is a new web application that you can use to view your website or any website for that matter in different resolution formats. It supports the most popular screen resolution format there is. The website uses PHP and AJAX so there’s no need for you to download anything or install a browser plugin to use the service.

The service is free and will require no login or registration. To start using ViewLike.Us, just type in the URL of the website you want to view and click the resolution you want.

Supported Resolution Formats:

viewlikeus supported resolution


Wii Browser








This is great for developers if they are testing a website to work under different screen resolutions. Instead of manually changing the resolution on your computer, checking it using ViewLike.Us would be a more convenient. This is great for checking out fluid type web layouts that adjusts itself according to the screen resolution of the end-user. Even though it’s not your everyday app, it’s still worth bookmarking. You’ll never know when it may come in handy.

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