UrTurn Pays You to Social Network

There are already a number of web services out there who are willing to pay its users for using their site. Some of them I have already covered here. There is a new player in town, the only difference is that it pays you to use different social networks. UrTurn is a social media company that offers Rewards based on your interaction in your network. They developed a reward system where you can earn points for your activity in your social network. Currently, they are supporting Facebook and MySpace along with other social networks will be added in their list sometime in the future.

How it Works (FaceBook):

The system works like most Facebook applications. Just install the UrTurn application in your FaceBook account and start inviting friends to use UrTurn. By doing this, you are already earning reward points in your UrTurn account. If you already have an account, which is more likely, you will earn points by doing what you’re already been doing ever since you joined FaceBook. Earn points by inviting friends, adding photos, blogging and doing status updates. Once you have accumulated reward points, you can trade those points for cash in the UrTurn marketplace or save it up to redeem UrTurn reward items which currently include iPhones, iPods and Visa Gift Cards. The reward points per activity are shown in the image below.

This is an interesting service which will be most appealing to heavy users of social networking sites (as of now FaceBook users). If you are a FaceBook user and wants to earn some buck for using it, check out UrTurn and start inviting your friends and earn some rewards, and if they don’t give in, you can always SuperPoke them to death.

4 Comments on “UrTurn Pays You to Social Network

  1. I think it’s worth a try. Since there is no extra work to be done, just do what you normally do in Facebook. However, if you are a light user before and want earn points fast, that’s where you put in the extra time in the site.

  2. I can sell my points for cash. Seriously? That’s amazing. I wish Visa would let me sell my points for cash…I would be all over that!

    I live on Facebook…:)

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