TxtNinja : Mask Emails, Domain Names and Sensitive Texts

txtninjaTxtNinja is a web app that will help you mask sensitive information such as you email address from snooping bots. The process is actually very simple. What TxtNinja does is convert the text version of your email, domain or text into an image format. It’s a text to image converter that mainly offers a level of security for your email address and other sensitive text information.

TxtNinja can be used not only for masking your email through image conversion. If there’s a piece of text that you want to transform into an image for whatever reason, you may do so anytime using the service.

Some ideas from TxtNinja on ways to use text to image converter

1. Masking your email

If you don’t want your email to be available over the internet in text form for spam bots and email harvesters to feast upon, simply use the converter to mask it.

2. Sale of Domains and Websites

Domain sellers use this method to keep their sales from appearing on search engine results.

3. Bypassing text filters

Not a very nice thing to do but if you want to use censored words and phrases on forums, you can use TxtNinja to mask them and prevent from getting filtered.

4. Asking for Help on Forums/Websites

Imagine if you run a SME, and one day you encountered an issue, which you turned to your favorite forum for help. Your next potential customer Googles you and viola, the search engine results turn up your earlier quest for help. It will not look good on your business es.

5. Sending sensitive information via MSN/etc

There are times when you need to send sensitive information, like a password, code or address over MSN or some other messaging client. If you send it in plain text, your information will be available in plain view for the snoopers. Also, if you have the habit of saving conversations, the information would then be stored for years (YEARS) to come; on the other hand, if you just drop and paste the TxtNinja image into your conversation, the sensitive information will only be available to the friend/client on the other side. MSN does not store images in conversation records, so that’s one less worry for you.

The next time you are in need of a quick image converter for your text, you can check out the service. It’s a lot faster than doing it manually on your image editor, manually resizing it to fit the text size, and uploading it to an image host. With TxtNinja you can just type in the text you want to be converted and voila, your image will be available in seconds. Plus they will host your image and provide you with the link and embed codes for easy sharing.

txtninja text to image converter

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