TwtMailer: Twitter @replies to your Email

twtmailerTwtMailer is another Twitter service that will make your Twitter life easier. Its main function is to forward your Twitter@replies directly to your email inbox. If you get a lot of replies from your Twitter account, this might be useful to properly track your messages even if you are not logged-in in Twitter.

To access the service, you need to log-in your Twitter account on TwtMailer and provide them with you email address. You can immediately start receiving Twitter messages upon completing the registration process. When you want to change email address, you can always do so by logging in to TwtMailer and making the changes in the settings page.

This service will make it easy for you to instantly receive Twitter @replies without going to your Twitter account to check the messages. The email will list the replies for you so you can decide to reply or not without even having to log into Twitter. TwtMailer also has an upcoming feature that will allow you to make replies through the service. This is still under development and will prove to be even more useful when you can send replies through your email using TwtMailer.

Features of TwtMailer


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  1. there have been many features added to the site now including the ability to change the frequency of when the system checks for updates, also accounts can now check for direct messages too.

    more & more features being added all the time.

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