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twitlay logoAre Twitter profile backgrounds important? Well, that’s up to you. If you want to stick with the default background or available background images found on Twitter, then you’re the type of person who wants to keep it simple and minimalistic as possible. If you’re using Twitter to boost your online business, then it’s probably a good idea to get a customized background image for your Twitter profile page.

One advantage of getting a custom background image for your Twitter account is that you get to tell your followers more about your business or brand through the background. You can include additional information about the product you’re selling or extra features of a website that you’re promoting. Your brand gets to be on the background for everyone to see and remember.

A custom background doesn’t come cheap, but for some, it is definitely worth it having one done for them. If you’re willing to dish out some cash for a Twitter profile background design, there are quite a number of websites you can visit that specializes on Twitter backgrounds. If you don’t quite feel like it and want to try out making your own, Twitlay is a web service that can help you design your very own Twitter background.

Using the tool you can upload you own pictures and customize the layout. You can change the color and add text to the background. Selecting colors for your profile and making changes can be accomplished easily and comes with real time preview.

Whether you are someone who wants something new for your personal Twitter profile or someone who wants to boost a brand through Twitter profile background but not quite ready to get professional help, you’ll find Twitlay quite useful.

*Twitlay also offers a premium design service.

Twitlay Twitter Backgrounds

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