TweetBars: Display Current Twitter Update In Forums as Image Signature

tweetbars-logoDo you want your forum friends to see your twitter updates inside the forums? Tweetbars is a Twitter tool that you can use to create a dynamic gif image of your latest Twitter update in the form of a signature. You can then post that image in forums and in your own website(s).

How it works

Just provide TweetBars with your Twitter ID and press the generate button. TweetBars will create a code for you that you can use to post in forums and websites. A direct link to your TweetBar is also provided for you to check it out before posting.


What’s great about this is that it will only generate an image (GIF) code which is hotlinked to TweetBars. It will not slow down the loading time of the website by using scripts or widgets. It comes in the form of a thin image bar. Your TweetBar image will be updated a few minutes after you made your latest Twitter post.
Check out the sample below.

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