TVGorge: Get Access to Thousands of TV Episodes in One Place

If you live outside the U.S. and wants to get access to dozens of TV shows that are blocked on your country or location, you can head over to TVGorge and watch your favorite TV series for free. You can have access to virtually thousands of TV episodes through TVGorge.

The website is still new but it already caters popular shows that everyone wants to watch. In addition to a numerous sites that provides TV streaming, this particular service aims to provide us with great shows and the best video quality that you can find in online streaming sites.

The episodes featured in TVGorge are manually reviewed to make sure that they give us the highest quality possible. The quality may not always be that good in everybody’s eyes but it does get the job done in bringing you the latest episodes from your favorite show.

The service works by searching and indexing TV streaming websites around the globe. Once the best source has been found for a particular TV show, it automatically compiles the information and saves it on their database.

TVGorge only compiles the information from the streaming source. They clearly stated that they do not store the video files on their servers. The website only links and embeds existing video files from different sources. It may not stop the TV stations from knocking on their doors but it will surely lengthen the argument which will make the service last a lot longer. Here’s hoping that it does not happen, but for the meantime, enjoy Free TV on TVGorge without waiting for them to be broadcasted on your country.

2 Comments on “TVGorge: Get Access to Thousands of TV Episodes in One Place

  1. What a BIG SCAM TVGORGE.COM,reported site for phishing scams that have recentlt appeared doing surveys sum of which are suspected to McAFEE you open them up and you either get pop-ups or red sited like all website that when they see there getting high hits they go and ruin it someone said your IP address–yeah right stop the exploitation TVGORGE God its really annoyed me. i wonder what happened to those people who actually paid for the website fee. This site is used to be awesome but its now a heck of a Bull crop!!

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