Turn Your RSS Feeds into a Printable Magazine Style PDF

Tabbloid is a project of HP (Hewlett Packard) which offers a new way of delivering RSS feeds to readers. It will allow you to turn your favorite RSS feeds into a well designed printable PDF document. The produced document can be set to be delivered to you via email in a weekly, daily or hourly basis.

You can set up your own Tabbloid in just a few minutes. The service requires no signing up. All you need to do is add a few RSS feeds, place your email and set the frequency of the delivery. You can also select from their starting list of popular blogs/news sites.

This service is great for getting feeds emailed to you in the form of a single printable PDF. The feeds are delivered in full but you only get to have the text content. Videos and images are not included in the generated document. It won’t be of much use if you are going to use Tabbloid to subscribe to sites which heavily uses images (photo blogs) and videos for content.

Check out the sample PDF document below.

Favorite Blogs

8 Comments on “Turn Your RSS Feeds into a Printable Magazine Style PDF

  1. When I read your post it immediately occurred to me that this would be a great way to preserve my genealogy blog posts on iPentimento so that I could either keep them on disk or print them out later. Thanks so much for telling us about this service. 🙂

  2. @Carol: Just a reminder, Tabbloid will not include the images in the PDF document. But I’m guessing that you have a copy of all the images you use on your posts. Another way to save a copy of your every post is to subscribe to your own Email RSS. 😉

    @Reggy: I think I’ve seen a web app that does that for you. I mean not just for RSS feeds. I’m gonna have to dig through my bookmarks though.

    @Jen: 😀

  3. Another free service that lets you turn RSS/Atom feeds into printable PDFs and eBook format files is http://www.zinepal.com

    The cool thing about zinepal is that it’s also able to work with web pages that either don’t have a feed or don’t include the full content in their feed.

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