Turn your iTunes into an Alarm Clock

iSnooze is a small and simple Windows application that lets you use your iTunes as an alarm clock. Just download the exe file and install in your Windows machine and you can start setting up your wake up times. The program will sit nicely in your icon system tray and features Spacebar activated snooze, configurable snooze time, gradual volume increasing, multiple alarm schedules, playlist selection, temporary pausing when you reach your computer to give you time to shut it off.

Alarm Clock 2 is for the Mac OS-X users. It functions pretty much the same as iSnooze with some differences in features and keyboard commands. It also utilizes Mac features like the Apple Remote. The Alarm Clock 2 features: Wake up to any song, playlist or podcast in your iTunes libaray, wake up peacefully with “easy wake” – a configurable option that slowly increases the volume of your alarm over time, Can wake your computer from sleep and hit snooze with your apple remote.

Source [LifeHacker]

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