TubeOke: Sing Along with YouTube Videos

Tired of watching music videos online and searching for the lyrics at the same time? It can be such a pain when you want to see the video play while singing along to it and you and you just can’t seem to remember the lyrics. You’ll have to search for the lyrics on another browser window and place it side by side the playing video, or else you’ll only hear the music while reading the lyrics.

TubeOke is an online solution for people who are looking for music videos and lyrics at the same time. You can watch the video play and get an instant copy of the lyrics on the side. Use the site as you normally search YouTube. Enter the artist or the song title and hit return/enter. Choose from the video thumbnails and you’re all set. You can sing and watch the video at the same time.

The site is very simple and easy to use. If you’re expecting to see a Video Oke style presentation, then you are mistaken. It only displays the lyrics along the video. You don’t get to see streaming lyrics that plays along with the video timeline. That being said, it will still save you some time if you wish to sing along to a music video on YouTube. No need to search for the lyrics on other websites.

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