Tube Chop: Chop and Slice YouTube Videos

A month ago, I shared a service called SplicD. It’s a tool for slicing up YouTube videos so that you can share with your friends only the parts that mattered. The only comment I have for the service is that it does not allow you to embed the sliced video so that users can feature them in blogs and websites.

TubeChop is a similar service which also allows you to get the part of the video that you want in a manner that you will find very convenient. What is great about TubeChop is that they host the chopped/sliced videos which allow the users to embed them everywhere.

Using TubeChop allows you to search for videos without going to YouTube. You can search directly from their site or you can also paste the original YouTube URL for faster chopping. Once the video is fully loaded, just adjust the black bars on each side of the stream bar. It represents the timeline of the video which you will adjust to your satisfaction. Just play the video again to check if your desired part was chopped properly. Once you are done, just click the “chop it”button and you will be redirected to the chopped video URL where you can get the embed codes and the link to the original video.

This is a far better way to easily extract a portion of a YouTube video. Maybe in the future we can see features like extracting several portions of a video clip to create a somewhat edited video. Oh, and a volume control would also be nice.

Sample Chopped Video:

Visit the chopped video page.

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