TrendsBuzz: Hottest Trends on the Web in One Place, in Real Time

TrendsBuzz is a website that aggregates the hottest trends among popular search engines, news sites and social networking sites. What makes it different from other trend sites? You get the results in real time.

The main page of TrendsBuzz is divided in to two portions. The upper part displays the most searched words at the time you land on TrendsBuzz’s home page. The lower portion of the page displays the overall most searched words of the day. This will give you an overview of what’s hot on the web and on different news sites as well as social networking sites like Twitter.

The trends pages such as Google Trends are very valuable to some bloggers. If you want to get a piece of hot search engine action, they are the pages you should visit. A blog could get a large amount of traffic by publishing a topic found on a trends site/page depending on how well it fares on search engine page ranking or how well the blogger optimizes his/her topic for search.

Whether you are a blogger looking for a big story to write about or someone who just wants to know the hottest topic on the web through search, you should check out TrendsBuzz. You won’t have to visit different trends sites to know the latest buzz on the web. You’ll also discover other sites’ most search words through the service.

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