This Message Will Self Destruct After Reading it

This Message Will Self Destruct is Sevenwire’s secure way of sending self destructing messages online. Once the message is retrieved, it will self destruct and will also be deleted from their servers. The message is encrypted before it is stored in their servers and the encrypted message is deleted after being accessed.

Creating a self-destructing message is very easy. Simply provide a password and type in your message and save it. If you choose not to place a password, just make sure that you’ll send the message to the right person. The effect will be the same; your message will be deleted after it is accessed by the recipient.

The moment that you save your secret message, a special URL will be provided for you to send to the recipient. You can tell the recipient the password verbally and send the link via email, SMS or chat.

The password is hashed using a heavy-duty hashing utility (bcrypt). As an added bonus, if you provide a password they salt the encryption key with it for even more security. This means that without the password no one can decrypt your secret message, not even them.

This is one way of sending online messages to friends without leaving any evidence Mission Impossible style. You can also access the site through other URLs or ⌫.ws if is too long of your taste.

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