The Easiest way to Share Live Screens with Anybody

If you happen to acquire help from your friends who you think know more about computers than you, or if you want to help a computer challenged friend in need, this web app might come in handy.

The web app is called Quick Screen Share. To use it simply select Your Screen if you’re the one in need of help and Their Screen if you want to gain access to a friend’s computer to help him/her. The next step is to type in your name so that your friend will recognize you and vice versa.

Once you click start you’ll be provided with a one time use URL that you can copy and send to your friend. Once they load the URL, they (or you – depending on who sent the link) will see the app starting up. Once the connection is made, a window showing your friend’s computer screen will appear and you can control it from your computer (or the other way around).

The next time you need help from a friend, make his life easier by using apps like Quick Screen Share. This will get him/her to fix whatever problem faster. You can also use the app to easily collaborate with anybody. Especially those instances that requires you to show what you’re working on.

Watch the video demo:


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