Surf Together in Real Time with Screen2

Screen2 is a web service which allows you to navigate the web with your buddy in real time. There are many desktop sharing applications out there that allow you to do the same thing. The only difference in Screen2 is that it only lets you share the browser view and not the entire desktop. This will allow you to do other things while someone else is doing the surfing for you.

This web app is particularly useful if you want to do the surfing for a friend or let a friend do the surfing for you. Sometimes the web gets confusing and might need someone to guide you through it. It’s a great tool for showing online stuff to your friends in real time. Just choose a name and let your friend choose his/her Screen2 identity. Invite the screen name and you can begin surfing with your friend once the invitation has been accepted.

Screen2 does not allow you to see the cursor movements of the one in control of Screen2. It would have been useful if the cursor movements are displayed which will be a great help in live tutorials for navigating a certain web applications or sites.

Screen2 is an easy and safe application. There is no requirement of an installation of a software add-on in order to use Screen2. There is also no need to register for an account. All you need to do is to allow pop-up windows and cookies in your browser for Screen2 to operate properly. A chat feature is also available for additional collaboration.

Enjoy browsing together.

5 Comments on “Surf Together in Real Time with Screen2

  1. @Erik: Yeah it’s pretty simple and easy to use.

    @JuanJo: The chat feature is pretty cool too. No accounts needed. Just an invite and you can use the chat.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment guys. 🙂

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