StumbleUpon Shortcut Keys for a more Efficient Stumbling

StumbleUpon is a cool bookmarking service for discovering new websites, but the downside of it is that it can eat up a lot of your time. Some people use StumbleUpon to kill some time and some use it as a resource for finding new stuff in the internet. If ever there is something interesting happening in the World Wide Web, chances are you can find it in StumbleUpon, which will depend on the amount of rating it gets from its users.

This is just a quick tip for StumbleUpon users for a more efficient stumbling. Instead of pushing the Stumble Button in your toolbar, using the StumbleUpon shortcut keys will save you some time . You might find the keyboard shortcut keys easier to use than clicking the toolbar button. Aside from saving a few seconds per stumble, the shortcut keys will also let you use StumbleUpon without the toolbar which eats up your browser space. You can easily hide it in your browser’s view option menu or use another shortcut key (Ctrl +F11).

To enable shortcut stumbling, just head over to the Tools Menu of StumbleUpon and select the Toolbar Options. Go to the Shortcuts Tab and put a check on the Enable Stumbling shortcuts check box. The default settings of the keys are as follows:

Stumble: Alt +`

Rate “I like it” (Thumbs Up) : Alt +1

Rate “Not for Me” (Thumbs Down): Alt +2

Tag / Untag: Alt + /

View Reviews: Alt +3

Toggle Toolbar (show or hide the StumbleUpon Toolbar): Ctrl +F11

You can also change the shortcut keys to your liking depending on what you are comfortable with. If you are a StumbleUpon user, you can add me to your list of Stumbling Friends. Enjoy Stumbling.

10 Comments on “StumbleUpon Shortcut Keys for a more Efficient Stumbling

  1. Stumbleupon used to be so cool. Now its just an ad bombardment with mostly 2 to 10 year old content and thats only if you can see thru the fucking ads. Blows.

    • Yes, it was much too effective at connecting people of like mind and sharing vast amounts of great content. Now, it’s a pathetic shadow and purposefully rendered useless.

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