Spellr.Us Scans your Site for Spelling Errors

Spellr.us is a web service that automatically scans your website and check for possible spelling errors. It provides an ongoing spell check monitoring (hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly). You will receive an email update on the spelling errors found on your website or check for errors via a RSS feed.

In the scan settings, you can set which language and dictionary to use. When I first scanned Orangeinks, it found 300 errors but almost all of them are website names and tech jargon. Some of the commenter’s names also appeared on the list. This can be prevented creating your customized list of words that will not be included in future scans.

Spellr.us is very useful if you are doing direct editing to your websites and if a website has multiple editors. It will review all text, all alternate text on images, all text in menu items, all text in meta tags. Grammatical errors will also be checked by the service in the near future. Howerver, it won’t check images, Flash content or content in PDF documents.

The service is still free and the pricing is not finalized. You can expect a variety of options including a free plan for small sites and a corporate option for customized solutions. Spellr.us currently supports English (International, UK, USA, Canadian). They also plan to support the major European languages in the future.

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  1. Some Backup: I know what you mean. I get confused with the UK and US spelling. I usually have trouble choosing which spelling format to use. I usually go with the US spelling just to be consistent. SpellR.us will also support other languages in the future. 🙂

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