Speed.io: Accurate Internet Speed Checker

speedio-logoThere are several services that let you check out internet speed. The only problem is that most of them are not accurate. Whenever I feel that I’m not getting the bandwidth promised to me by my provider, I go and check my connection settings and perform a speed test.

Some speed test can be performed by literally downloading something. The only problem is that if the site that you are downloading from has low bandwidth. This will also affect your download speed. So to check your connection is suffering from slowness syndrome, there are several services out there where you can check your internet connection speed accurately, and Speed.io is one of them.

To check you internet connection speed, all you need to do is to just press the “Start Speedtest” button, and then the meters will display your upload and download speed. Just so that you’d know, the speed is measured by Kilobit per second which will be totally different from the download speed that appears when downloading from your browser which is measured by Kilobytes per second. So don’t confuse the two. A connection speed of 2000 kbps(less than 2 megabit per sec) will probably give you around 200+ KBps of download speed (usually less due to the bandwidth consumed by other online desktop apps, automatic updates and stuff like that).


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