SparkTooth: Track Keywords on a Website and Get Notified

sparktoothAre you patiently waiting for an article to appear on a website? Now, you don’t have to refresh or constantly visit the site where your desired keyword might appear. You can get an email notification when a phrase or keyword appear on a website or blog through SparkTooth.

All you need to do is enter the phrase or keyword along with the URL of the website you want to track plus your email address. You will be notified when the word or set of words appear on the website. The service checks websites every 10 minutes and once it finds what you’re looking for, your email will be removed from the system. The tool only searches the URL that you have provided and not the entire domain. This will prevent you from getting the wrong notice in cases that the website previously published an article or post with keywords similar to what you are looking for.

SparkTooth simply makes it easier for us to track certain keywords that relate to an article that we are interested in. I may not be an everyday app for some but for those who constantly track the web, this will surely come in very handy.


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