SoundBible: Download Free Sound Clips, Sound Bites and Sound Effects

soundbibleSoundBible is a website that offers thousands of sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds. You can use the sounds in video projects, game design, presentations and anything that requires the use of sound effects. All sounds that can be found on SoundBible are free to use.

Because Free is way cooler than Fee. That one letter “r” makes a world of difference.

This is a great site for artists, students and teachers who couldn’t afford to buy sound effects from sites that sell them. Simply browse the categories and listen to the sounds to search the best one for your project. Each sound effect is elaborately tagged for you to make easy keyword search that matches or describes a particular sound effect. You can download the WAV or MP3 version of the sound file or share it with a friend who is looking for it.

Each sound effect page also comes with related or similar sound links which you can preview by simply clicking the play button. If you happen to be looking for a rare sound effect and did not find any on the website, you can make a request to SoundBible by filling out a request form. This way, you’ll be able to get the sound that you are looking before buying them from sound stores.

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