Snooze Your Email?

Have you ever got an email that you want to read later or after a few days? You can just mark them as unread so you’ll not forget or if you want to receive the same notification as a fresh new email, you can use HhitMeLater.

HitMelater will resend your emails to you depending on the duration that you wish it to. In order to do that, you have to forward your email to HitMeLater. Forward any email to and they will resend it to you 24 hours later. You can replace “24” with any number or day. For example, forward it to and you’ll get it back four hours later. Send it to and they’ll send it back to you the first Wednesday morning after today.

Just a warning though, you do realize that by using HitmeLater, you are giving them access to your emails. They do have a privacy policy that states: Emails are stored on a secure server and will never be read by anyone but you. If this is enough for you then you may snooze your email using HitMeLater, otherwise, just mark them as important or unread. You may also use HitMeLater as a reminder tool. Just email the appropriate time with your “to-do” and it will hit you back again with a reminder after the timer expires.

3 Comments on “Snooze Your Email?

  1. The security aspect is a little worrying, but that is a cool idea. I am a professional procrastinator, so putting things off is an art form. I will take a look at these guys tomorrow.

  2. @Eric: It’s pretty cool and worrying at the same time. 🙂

    @Fit4All: Just be careful on forwarding your email. You can however use it to remind yourself using the service. 🙂

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