SnackR: Scrolling RSS Updates on your Screen

snackr-logoSnackR is a desktop application powered by Adobe Air and Flex that lets you view RSS feed right on your desktop in a scrolling manner. If you get tired from getting updates from your feed reader, you can use this as an alternative and get updates in a different fashion.

SnackR is a great alternative to normal feed readers available out there. It gives you that news flash thing that scrolls on the bottom of your TV screens. If you are using multiple/dual screens, one way to optimize it is to place it on your secondary screen so it will not be an obstruction to your primary working area. If you are using SnackR on a single monitor, you can easily hide it and let it sit on the corner of your screen until you need to use it. You also have the option to drag and dock SnackR to the four corners of your screen.


SnackR can be easily integrated with your existing Google Reader account. Just be careful on deleting feeds from SnackR for it will also delete them from your Google Reader database.

NOTE: if you enable Google Reader integration, and you delete a feed in Snackr, it will automatically be deleted in Google Reader as well (and if you add a feed in Snackr, it will get added to Reader too). We plan to make this optional in the future. (If you downloaded the previous 0.37 build, this build doesn’t have any new functionality, but makes the synchronization of feeds between Snackr and Google Reader clearer.)

There are also a few other features, such as the ability to post items to email, del.icious, digg, etc.–and a bunch of bug fixes.

Instead of going to your feed reader checking for updates, you can check them right on your desktop without opening your reader or scrolling your feed gadget installed in your system. If you’re not much of a feed reader kind of guy/gal, this is a cool way of discovering the power of RSS.

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