Optimize Images, Save Bytes

Smush.It is an image optimization tool which will reduce the size of your images without compromising quality. We all know that large images take longer to load thus consuming more bandwidth. Optimizing images will greatly improve the overall performance of a website especially if it is very rich in images.

The service is very handy and using it will not require much of your time. All you need to do is upload your images to and it will do the optimization for you. You can immediately download your optimized image(s) once the process is completed. Optimizing images using can be done in three ways. You can use their Firefox Plugin, provide a list of image URLs or upload images from your computer to

If you want to put your images on a diet and save some bytes, is a great place to start. It never hurts to save a few (milli)seconds of loading time for your blog or website viewers.

6 Comments on “ Optimize Images, Save Bytes

  1. Great recommendation for those who may not have other programs to use for image optimization.

    Also, I bet this would save a lot of time when it comes to image editing!

  2. @M.Pence: I already started using it for my screenshots a few posts back. Managed to save some bytes. I normally just printsceen, paste, crop and save without going to any optimization process. This is a great help and it does save me time.

  3. @FragileHeart: It is an online tool. You have to upload your images in order to get them optimized. Their FireFox toolbar makes it easier for users to optimize. 😉

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