Slice and Crop Your Photos Online

PicSlice is a place online where you can slice and crop your photos. The webapp is useful if you want to adjust your photos depending on your needs and if you do not have a decent photo editor available on a computer that you are using. You can either upload from your computer or use a link from your online photo/image host.

Saving the image is very easy. You can choose from two ways to save your sliced image. Clicking a slice will download it. So all you have to do is click all the slices to complete your image. Or, you can download the zip file which contains all the sliced images.

Slicing photos is great for displaying large photos on a single page. It will speed up the loading time of the entire image. It also protects your images in some ways. Bandwidth thieves will have a harder time stealing your images and your bandwidth.

PicSlice is pretty much a very basic web tool that you can use when the need arises. If you are looking for a place online where to crop and slice your images, try PicSlice. It’s fast and free (I just wish they’d change the background color).

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