Site Reloader: Reloads Websites for You

Site Reloader is a web app that, well, reloads a website for you. When I came across this web app, I was thinking of practical uses for the tool. It says on their site that it will help you stay current with information on your favorite websites. I was thinking that it could be useful in staying up to date with forum sites so that you don’t have to hit the reload button every time, but even forum sites have RSS feeds in them so it’s up to you if you want to check the them live or through RSS.

If ever you decide to use Site Reloader, you just need to enter the URL of the website you want to reload. It will ask you to disable popups because it will pop out the website that you are going to track. You can set the reload time from five seconds to thirty minutes. I don’t find it very efficient to reload a website/page every five seconds just to stay updated. It’s a waste of bandwidth and it will add load to the website’s server.

The site is free and there is no need to sign up to reload sites, not unless you want to save your list and have it open for you when you sign in again. Site Reloader is not an everyday app and not very useful to all but it might be for people on auction sites and heavy forum users who are too lazy to reload pages.

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  1. Opera has automatic reload built-in (in context menu on right-click page), works excellent.

    Only practical use I had for it – I was once hunting for beta code. There was a page releasing them that mostly said “not yet” and “too late” so I just set it to refresh and I wasn’t even near PC when Opera grabbed code for me.

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