Site Down? Get Notified when it’s Up Again or when it Goes Down

Is your favorite site down for maintenance or having server problems? Here’s a quick way to find out when it will go online. DingIt’sUp is a micro site which allows you to get notified when a website will come back from the dead after a downtime.

To use the service, just enter the URL of the website you want to track. You can choose whichever of the three ways for DingIt’sUp to get in touch with you. You can either get notified via email, SMS (text message) or Twitter.

This is a neat tool for site owners, who experiences downtimes with their sites due to whatever reason. They can get notification the moment that their site is up again or when it goes down. Users can also save time waiting for their favorite sites to go up again, constantly refreshing the page and hoping that it will go online. Just do some something else or go out, have fun. Wait for the notification. Twitter users will find this service very interesting. Get notified via Twitter when it (Twitter) comes back live again? Why not.

6 Comments on “Site Down? Get Notified when it’s Up Again or when it Goes Down

  1. Man this is great… But how it works? I guess they ping every website from time to time… Takes a lot of time for each and every site dough.. Puzzled… Thanks!

  2. I think that’s exactly how it works. If you’re going to ping each and every site on the internet, that would take a lot of resources. They only ping sites upon request so as of now it’s just a few. You can always unsubscribe if you no longer want any alerts/notifications. Once unsubscribed, my guess is that they stop pinging your site. 🙂

  3. Yeah i think so… Upon submission from users they add it into queue.. Hope they have good resources because if the queue builds up they will have some outages for sure..
    While it is new and relatively unknown everything is fine..

  4. @EverybodyGeek: SiteUpTime looks like a useful service as well. I’ll check it out too. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    @ShortApps: Yeah, sometimes that’s what so great about new/beta sites. There are still few people using them so downtimes are likely less to happen. Unless the startup is a big hit right away, you can expect a fast service while it’s new. 🙂

    @Gerardo: Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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