Shrinkify: Produce Shorter URLs Using Firefox

Shrinkify is a URL shortening web tool similar to TinyURL and FuseURL. Basically, all of the mentioned URL shrinking tools pretty much does the same thing but with some differences in their approach on shortening URLs. TinyURL, the most popular among three now provides a preview mode for its generated tiny URL. FuseURL however made a different approach by letting users to fuse together several URLs and create a single short URL for easy sharing of multiple sites. So what’s special about Shrinkify? It shrinks better.

Aside from making long URLs short, Shrinkify also provides you with an option of choosing an even shorter URL. They said that it is for people who are very much concerned with the number of bytes they spend on a URL. Below are the examples of the shrunk URL which are produced by Shrinkify.

Short URL:

Shorter URL:

Besides producing shorter URLs, Shrinkify’s main features include OS-X desktop, Firefox browser and iGoogle integration. The mentioned features will let you do the URL shrinking without actually going to the Shrinkify website and paste a long URL to make it shorter. You can do it in your Firefox Browser by downloading the Shrinkify Firefox Add-on. They also have a Mac OS-X dashboard widget and a gadget for iGoogle.

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  1. Interesting choice, in my opinion the best thing about Shrinkify is its Firefox addon. However, the site itself is quite limited as it leaves you with a fairly difficult to remember URL. is excellent because it attempts to create memorable addresses which are in most cases much easer to remember. is also good because you can pick your own ending and there are far more options available. is good because it allows you to redirect a subdomain of a number of different domains.

    Thanks for you post!

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