ShareNLoad: Share and Download Large Files

sharenloadShareNLoad is another file host that lets you upload and download large files. The service can be used to send files that are too large for emails or as a temporary online/remote storage. Like any file storage service, you can upload any file type that you wish to share with someone.

The file host doesn’t really support mass sharing. You cannot search the site for uploaded files. The shared files can only be downloaded by someone who was given access by the uploader. The uploader of the file can set a password to protect the file from being downloaded by others. Once the file is accessed, the download page will be available to the downloader’s IP address for a few hours.

Deleting the uploaded file is as easy as accessing the delete link that is given to you when the file was uploaded. If in case you forgot to save the delete link, you can just wait for the file to expire and automatically deleted by ShareNLoad’s system. Premium user’s files are set to expire once their membership expires or after 60days from the last download
(whichever happens first).


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