Temporary File Sharing Tool is a file hosting site which allows you to keep the files that you want to share online as long as it is active. Meaning, as long as there is somebody downloading your file, it will be kept in’s database.

The files that you upload in will be given a grace period of 15 (fifteen) days of inactivity and has a limit of 100MB in size. Upon reaching the number of days of being inactive, the file that you have uploaded using will automatically be deleted. I call it a temporary file sharing tool because of the expiration period.

Upon uploading your file, you will be given the file URL and two embed codes that you can use for websites and forums. There is also an email tool so that you can let your friends know about the file through email. Social buttons are also available so you can easily share the download page to social networking friends.

This can be used in uploading files that aren’t too important and sharing them to a group of people. Once everybody who needs to download it is finished, you can just leave it be. If the link was made public and other people wishes to download the file(s), they may of course do so. Once the file’s download popularity is gone, it will be removed from the server. Just like a disposable storage device.


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  1. I have used Otengo. With this you dont have to upload files to any server. And dont need to click on anythign to download files. Its an email like tranfer for unlimited files. Its pretty cool, and for people who are not computer experts and want to send out large files without worrying about privacy, this is the right tool.

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