Share your Documents Online in Flip-Book Style

Do you have a document that you wish to share online? Why not do it in a different way? Share your documents in a Flip-Book manner. You’ll be able to do this by using a service called Page Flip-Flap. With this web-app, the recipient will be able to read the documents that you shared like a virtual book or magazine.

To create a Flip Book style document, simply head over to the Page Flip-Flap website and upload your document. You can upload doc, pdf, word, movie files. After uploading, wait for an email notification that will allow you to grab the link of your created Flip-Book. Share the flipping document with your social networking friends or email it to them.

Page Flip-Flap is a great new way to share your documents online. It works best when read in full-screen mode on a large monitor. If you’re using a netbook or a computer with small screen, you’ll have to zoom in to read the small texts which could become an inconvenience for some. Other than that, it’s a great web app and it’s free.


[Page Flip Flap]

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