ShadyEmail: Mask Your Email to Make it Look Suspicious

ShadyEmail is an email masking service inspired by ShadyURL. If you’re not familiar with ShadyURL, it’s a URL masking service slash URL shortener that hides the true form of your URLs to make them look suspicious. Shady Email works the same way as ShadyURL. You can generate a suspicious looking email address.

To use the service, simply provide them with your valid email address. Hit the submit button and you’ll have your shady email address instantly. You can also place the website on which you’ll use the shady email address, but this is entirely optional. Once the shady email has been generated, all emails that are sent to your shady mail will be forwarded to the valid email that you’ve provided until the shady-email is destroyed.

Just like ShadyURL, the service is for entertainment purposes only. Some generated emails can be offensive to others so check them before using them. It’s a great way to hide the true form of your email and make your friends wonder where in the hell did you come up with such names and email domains.

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