Send Files from a URL Directly to your Dropbox or Email

Do you need to download a file but you are in a computer or device that prohibits downloading? Fear not, there’s a web app called sideCLOUDload that lets you save files directly to the “Cloud.”

SideCLOUDload allows you to send files from a download link to your Dropbox or email account. You can perform the download by copying the download link or source link to SideCLOUDload’s text box. After providing your Dropbox credentials or email address to sideCLOUDload, hit submit and be on your way.

This is a lot better than copying the download link and saving it to your email. By using the app, you can immediately share the file that you’ve downloaded. You’ll be sharing the actual file, and not just the link which will also serve as a backup of the file should it be removed from the original source.

You can also use the app to remotely download files from the web to your computer. The automatic syncing feature of Dropbox will allow you to save files to your computer once they have been sideCLOUDloaded. Use your work computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Android Tablet to sideCLOUDload.

[sideCLOUDload] Thanks to Corey.

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