ScreenCastle: Create Screen Cast in One Click

screencastle-logoWeb apps are becoming simpler to use which makes tasks like publishing a screen cast faster to accomplish. With ScreenCastle, you can start creating your screen cast in just a click of a button. No need to sign up. Just hit the power button on the ScreenCastle website and you’re off.

In order for the ScreenCastle to work, you must have Java installed on your computer. Once the screen recorder is launched, just hit the record button when you’re ready to begin and, naturally, hit the stop button if you’re finished with your recording. But before that, you have an option to adjust the width and height of the screen cast, if you want to focus on a part of your screen, adjust the window to the part of the screen you want to record. You can also untick the “Record My Microphone” if you’re not going to record your voice. After the recording is finished, grab the embed codes and share. That’s just about it.

I just have to warn you to be careful with what you record using ScreenCastle. Since the service does not require you to login, you are not allowed to delete your recordings. Do not record anything that contains sensitive information about you.

For how long will the screencasts be saved and available?
This time is not limited. Maybe however sometime in the future videos that were watched 0 times for a long time like 1 year could be deleted, to reduce cost.
We will take care that no video that is still in use will be deleted.


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