RotatePDF: PDF Rotator

RotatePDF is a service that (like what the name suggests)lets you rotate PDF documents. This is useful when you’ve received or downloaded a PDF document that’s supposed to be in landscape view but when you open it on your reader it’s in portrait view. Instead of rotating your head just to read/view the document properly, you can simply head over to Rotate PDF and let it do the rotating for you.

To use the FREE service, simply upload your PDF document from your computer. The next step is to select the rotation angle and click the rotate PDF button. And that’s pretty much about it. There’s no need for you to download anything. No registration is needed. Just upload your pdf and rotate.

All uploaded files are removed after the rotation process has finished.If you’re worried about the security of the service, you can use a desktop application to do the job for you. If you trust RotatePDF with your documents, then all you need to do is head over to the website and rotate away.

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