Ring2Skype: Get a Free Skype-in Number

ring2skypeRing2Skype is a service that allows you to receive phone calls on your Skype from the phone network. The best thing about this service is that it’s free. What the service does is provide you with your own number with an extension and link it with your Skype account. Any calls to the phone number assigned to you will then be forwarded to the Skype username that you have assigned.

Signing-up for the service gives you a phone number and a private extension. All calls to your extension will be forwarded to your Skype. You are required to hand out a small amount of information when signing-up. Aside from the usual username, email and password, you’ll need to let them know the country where you want your number, the region for your extension number and of course, your Skype username. This will allow Ring2Skype to forward the calls to your Skype account.

The developers of Ring2Skype intend to provide a free service forever. The expenses for keeping the service open will be provided by advertisements and donations from grateful and generous users. This service is a great Skype enhancement. Whit Ring2Skype, you can publish a country and region-specific phone number that forwards to your Skype account without revealing your own phone number or Skype username. One can easily setup a new Skype account and link it with Ring2Skype to provide a more secure and private phone to Skype communication.

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3 Comments on “Ring2Skype: Get a Free Skype-in Number

  1. It only supports US and Canada. If you’re in the Philippines, you can use this tool to hand out a phone number that is easily accessible in US and Canada. It’s particularly useful for businesses with US markets. They can easily call your Ring2Skype number and direct it to your Skype. It eliminates the need to login to their Skype accounts just to have a voice conversation with you.

  2. It seems this stuff doesn’t work anymore because skype terminated it a couple of years ago so as to get people to pay for their service.
    The article here above is four years old.

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