ResumeCompanion: Online Resume Builder

ResumeCompanion is an online tool that was primarily designed for professional resume writers. It was only recently that it was made available to the public. The builder comprises of over 40,000 pre-written job phrases spanning over 1000 jobs. That amount of data will allow you to easily create a resume for whatever job application available.

The job phrase database is continually updated by the US Department of Labor and is continually updated by core staff with acknowledged expertise in the areas of occupational analysis and assessment research and development. This simply means that if there’s a new job description available out there, Resume Companion will update its database and give you the corresponding option for that job.

Resume Companion’s revolutionary software aims to change the way individuals approached resume writing. The company genuinely believes that everyone has the power to create a powerful resume and genuinely reflects their skills and qualifications. If ever you are looking for an online resume builder/creator, place Resume Companion on your list.

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