ResizeImage: Resize Images Online

resize-image-logoResizeImage is another dead simple web app that, as you might already figured out, resizes images for you. There are several apps online that you can use to crop or resize your images, but this is by far the easiest and fastest to use.

You only need to drag the photo to fit the size that you desire if you use the advanced resize. The easy resizing tool is very user friendly and visually helpful. You can see the image resize in real time as you click the size that you might want. The app also displays the dimensions of your current image. This is very helpful if you are resizing an image to use on blogs and websites. The advanced resize will allow you to break the image’s proportion when resizing and create a custom size for your image. You have to keep in mind though that breaking the proportion of the image is not advisable for it destroys the quality.

ResizeImage is a simple tool that works great. No login necessary. Just upload your image and get it resized within seconds. There is also a cropping tool that you can use to crop first before resizing. Oh and ResizeImage can also be used as a temporary image host. Uploaded images are hosted on the server for one week. Feel free to link to your image during this period.


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