Resize Unresizable Windows and Kill Splash Screens

Sometimes it gets annoying when you came across a window and you want to resize it for a specific purpose, maybe to fit better in your screen or to read the text better, an cannot resize it because the programmer wants it that way. Here is a cool Windows application (Windows only) which I found in AskTheAdmin that will let you resize windows that are unresizable. This application called ResizeEnable will work on all non resizable windows properly and most of them will respond correctly but some will not.

The application is very small (only 39KB) and installs in a flash. Just download the application named ResizeEnable here. Install it and you will see a small icon in your system tray and you are good to go to resizing heaven. ResizeEnable sits in the background and attaches itself into Windows via three ‘Hooks’:

  • The first hook is so that it can see which windows are created/destroyed, in which it attempts to alter the window’s style so that it can be resized.
  • The second hook intercepts all messages for every single window to see if it is a message associated with resizing a window that it has previously altered the style of. If the message is associated with sizing, it then resizes all the child windows (Buttons, Edit boxes and so on) simply by scaling them to fit the new windows size.
  • The third hook spots whether the mouse has been pressed in the ‘sizing area’ of a window and takes care of doing all the work of resizing the window.

The makers of ResizeEnable (DigiTallis) also have another cool app that you might want to check out. It’s a tiny application (30KB) called SplashKiller that sits in your system tray and attempts to hide, or kill, those splash screens you get when an application is loading. So if you are a splash screen hater then this app is for you. You have to note though that the window isn’t actually hidden, it just get’s moved offscreen, so if you have a multimonitor setup, you might still see it on one of your monitors. So this doesn’t mean that your application will load faster, it only tends to keep the splash screen from showing at the center of your screen.

Source: [ AskTheADmin ]

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