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A few days ago, actually a week ago, Simon of Vivid Lamp discussed a topic about creating Ideas and how to be “Remakable”. Simon quoted: “Don’t disregard any bad or bizarre ideas, these are probably the ones that others have also rejected because they were too hard or too risky.” Creating a good or great idea is sometimes the easy part. The implementation of that idea(s) is the most challenging of all. You can never find out if your idea will succeed of fail without implementation. When it comes to implementation, funding is required in most cases. When it comes to funding, we can turn to our own wallets or get investors. When it comes to getting investors, RaiseCapital might be able to help.

RaiseCapital.com is an online community where you can promote your business ideas and capital needs to investors. You can showcase your venture whether it is a startup, or an existing business. As a member seeking capital, you can market your venture or ideas to investors using text descriptions, pictures and/or streaming video. You will also be given your own posting blog, a counter that allows you to see how many people viewed your post and a unique URL for your venture. All of these for free.

Investors are everywhere and are always looking for a new business. They can browse RaiseCapital for business ventures that will interest them. Free registration will allow investors to directly contact entrepreneurs via email. In addition, registered investors can set up industry email alerts, create a watch list and use their search technology to find local, regional or nationwide (and Canada) investment opportunities.

Coming up with a great idea is only the beginning. There are lots of opportunities out there waiting to give you a chance and RaiseCapital is just one of them. Give your great idea a test drive and see how it goes.

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  1. We totally agree about giving your ideas a chance. If you are passionate about your idea, make sure you try whatever you can (legally ofcourse) to see it through to implementation. It is only then you will really find out if your end users find your idea useful or will benefit them in some way.

    Marie & Simon

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