QuieTube: A Distraction Free YouTube Experience

quietubeQuieTube is a very simple YouTube tool. What it does is make YouTube video watching as minimalistic as possible, without any distractions. If you feel that the YouTube pages are very distracting, then you better grab yourself a QuieTube bookmarklet.

What the bookmarklet does is create a very simple page for you to share your videos. Just head over to the YouTube video that you want to share and click the QuieTube bookmarklet. A distraction free page will be created for you to share with your friends. Your friends can choose to view the page in a white or black background. A link to the original YouTube page is also available and a short URL for micro sharing sites.

QuieTube is a way for you to promote your videos in a distraction free manner. This will probably prevent viewers from leaving your video because of the related videos showcased on the pages. You can also hide all those negative comments on your video post by using the tool, unfortunately this is also true for positive comments. What would really make QuieTube a complete distraction free YouTube experience is if they remove the related videos from the player itself.

*Just be careful when sharing the wrong URL. They have this very nasty version of a 404 page with a Rick Roll video.

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